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Our Values

I. The Presence of God

His presence is our priority- in our worship, in our gatherings, and in our lives. His presence is what transforms, sustains, and preserves us in the world.

II. A Culture of Honor

We honor people for who they are in the Kingdom without stumbling over who they are not. We are called to identify and call forth the treasure in people’s lives, looking past the darkness of what is perceived by religion and the world.

III. The Nature of God’s Goodness

God is good because it is his nature and reflective of everything he has done, is doing, and will do. Having reconciled all men and women back to him through the Cross, he is not counting the sins of the world against them.

IV. The Identity of Believers

We have been created in His image, adopted as His sons, filled with all of His fullness, seated with him in heavenly places, and given all of His power and authority in heaven and on earth.

V. The Mission of the Church

We are not called to just “have church,” but to be the Church, expanding the reign of Jesus’ Kingdom into every realm of society with the good news of a Father who has reconciled the world back to himself.

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